Digital health: where technology meets clinical excellence

Advances in digital health allow us to better track, manage and improve both our own, and our family’s health.

Working in parallel with existing healthcare systems, digital health empowers patients and reduces care costs, while augmenting and maximising health outcomes.

The future:

Ultimately, digital health is about accessibility and knowledge.

Understanding what’s going on with your body is empowering, and it enables medical practitioners to make better, more informed decisions that are tailored to individual needs.

More information and treatment choices mean better health outcomes.

We believe continuous monitoring + advanced data analysis + expert support = positive outcomes.


Our goal is to be the fastest growing, service led wearable technology company. We will do this by providing personalised health plans in areas of significant unmet medical need.

Continuous monitoring + advanced data analysis + expert support = positive outcomes

DuoFertility is our flagship product. It includes a discreet sensor, data analytics, and personalised fertility support. With 1 in 6 couples experiencing difficulty conceiving, DuoFertility is proven to help pinpoint when to try for a baby, maximising your chance of success, naturally. Providing a whole new level of detail about your cycle, DuoFertility helps you on your journey towards natural conception with better information about your cycle and support and guidance on when to try.

At Sensiia, (‘Sensors and Intelligent Insights Applications’) our services combine wearable monitoring that continuously tracks multiple elements of physiological measurement, scientific and medically-based data analytics and specialist advisers to provide personalised, positive health outcomes in areas that affect us all. The amount of information measured means we can be certain of the results and make recommendations with confidence that are specific to each individual.

Our formula for proven health and wellness is based on digital data tracking to inform evidence-based health outcomes. Harnessing the power of affordable and convenient digital technology, we’re pioneering high-quality health monitoring – paving the way for the future of healthcare.