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DuoFertility is the only fertility wearable that is accompanied by a personalised service. The sensor and app track and predict your ovulation cycles and our fertility experts help you make sense of your data and support you through your fertility journey.


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Key benefits:

  • The only fertility wearable that comes with a personalised service
  • Predicts your fertile days up to 10 days in advance
  • One of the most advanced fertility monitors, comparable to ultrasound for ovulation confirmation**
  • Tracks other symptoms which may affect your cycles and chances of pregnancy (eg. illness, sleep and mood)
  • The fertility team provides you with a comprehensive fertility report based on your personal data
  • Experienced fertility experts to talk you through fertility challenges, such as PCOS, Low Ovarian Reserve and Sperm motility
  • Secure data, with unique username and password encrypted to advanced industry standards
  • Underarm body-worn sensor
  • Pairs with all compatible devices*


**A Pilot Study Comparing the DuoFertility Monitor with Ultrasound in Infertile Women.   International Journal of Women’s Health 2014:6;657-662
*Apple IOS compatible (8.1+)
*Android compatible (Samsung S4,5 & 6, Sony Xperia Z3 and Google Nexus 4,5,6)

Future Products & Services

We are continuously looking at other areas of potential application of our platform. We have a pipeline of potential indications in Bone diseases, COPD and Sleep disturbances.